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Surface Treatment of Sintered NdFeB magnets

The sintered neodymium-iron-boron permanent magnetic material is a chemically active powder metallurgical material, which is characteristic of being hard and brittle easy oxidization and erosion. Based on its features, the most effective way is to apply surface plating or coating. As on the surface of neodymium-iron-boron magnetic material, empty holes or oxidization phase occurred by machining may exist. The surface treatment should undergo pre-treatment procedure and have appropriate plating. The process of treatment is as follows:

chamfer polishing lubricant removal acid cleaning ultrasonic cleaning plating plating inspection

Available Coatings:
Surface Coating Thickness (Microns) Color Resistance
Passivation   1 Silver Grey Temporary Protection
Nickel Ni+Ni 10-20 Bright Silver Excellent against Humidity
Zinc Zn 8-20 Bright Blue Good Against Salt Spray
C-Zn Shinny Color Excellent Against Salt Spray
Tin Ni+Cu+Sn 15-20 Silver Superior Against Humidity
Gold Ni+Cu+Au 10-20 Gold Superior Against Humidity
Copper Ni+Cu 10-20 Gold Temporary Protection
Epoxy Epoxy 15-25 Black, Red, Grey Excellent Against Humidity
& Salt Spray
Chemical Ni 10-20 Silver Grey Excellent Against Humidity
Parylene Parylene 5-20 Grey Excellent Against Humidity, Salt Spray. Superior Against Solvents, Gases, Fungi and Bacteria.
FDA Approved.



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